The Nevada State Association of School Nurses (NSASN) has agreed that members of the organization must belong to both NSASN and the National Association of School Nurses, Inc. (NASN).  

Membership dues are collected and managed at NASN's national headquarters.

View the FAQ for prospective members for answers to question you may have.

Ideas to help offset the cost of membership

Many of the schools in Clark County School District are purchasing memberships for their nurses.

Elko County has an agreement with the local Lions Club to purchase memberships for Elko County school nurses.

Join online

All major credit cards are accepted. Use the online form to start a new membership or re-start a lapsed membership.

Join with a purchase order or check

Print a membership application. Send the application with the purchase order or check to NASN, 1100 Wayne Avenue, Suite 925, Silver Spring, MD 20910 - FAX: 301-585-1791. Contact if you have questions.

Nevada State Association of School Nurses